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College Park Business of the Year Recognition Program

  1. College Park Business of the Year Recognition Program

    Accepting Nomination Applications until August 31st, 2019

  2. Overview

    College Park is home to over 1,000 businesses and counting. College Park’s growing and vibrant business community is full of unsung heroes who provide well-paying jobs for our residents, develop creative solutions to everyday problems, and take care of the community that they call home. In the spirit of showing appreciation for these outstanding businesses and their positive impacts on our community, the City has developed a Business of the Year recognition program designed to highlight the contributions of one particularly outstanding business each year.

  3. Areas of Achievement

    The program will highlight one business each year who has demonstrated exceptional achievements in one or more of the following areas: Growth, Community Service, Environmental Stewardship, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Legacy.

  4. Eligibility

    Businesses will only be considered eligible to receive the award if they meet the following threshold requirements: • Locally-owned independent business • Has a College Park physical address • Has been open at least one year at time of nomination • Is in good standing with the City of College Park

  5. *Note: Businesses are allowed and encouraged to nominate themselves. Not all good deeds are public knowledge!

  6. Nominee’s Achievements

    Please fill in all that apply. Achievement in multiple areas is encouraged. Please be specific and provide demonstrable evidence where possible.

  7. Please contact the Economic Development Coordinator at 240-487-3543 or with any questions.

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