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2022 Gingerbread House Competition

  1. 2022 Gingerbread House Competition

    Do you enjoy making cookies and are also a secret architect? Have you always wanted to build that dream home out of confections? Join this year’s City of College Park Gingerbread House Competition! We want your creative, wacky, whimsical, and best designs. Enter as a single individual or a group. Follow the rules, fill out an application form, and get to baking! 

    We will announce winners on December 10th at the City's Winter Wonderland event. The top entries will be bought to City Hall for display over the holiday season. All City of College Park residents are encouraged to participate in the competition; anyone can attend the event.

  2. Competition Rules
    • All components of the display, except as listed below, must be made of edible materials. Edible materials include candy, nuts, cereal, cookies, crackers, pasta, and other food items that do not include wrappers or sticks. Wrappers should be removed from candy and other decorations.
    • The base does not need to be edible but should be attractive and sturdy
    • Marzipan/fondant/gum paste characters can be attached with a toothpick, but the toothpick must not be visible.
    • You may have a light inside of a building, but it should be obscured (so we can’t see the hardware) and it must not blink in any way, must be battery-powered, and must operate on its own (we will not turn switches on/off).
    • Entries must be freestanding and securely attached to a rigid base.
    • The height of the house should be no more than 2 feet. The base should be no more than 2 feet long by 2 feet wide.
    • Gingerbread structures may be houses, train stations, barns, birdhouses, lighthouses, bridges, ships, or other imaginative dwellings related to the holidays. 
    • All entries will be on display to the public so they must be family-friendly.
    • Entries must be dropped off at College Park City Hall (7401 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740) on Monday, December 5th between the hours of 9:00 am – 11:00 am. OR on Tuesday, December 6th between 9:00 am - 11:00 am. 
    • Entries will remain on display at City of College Park City Hall through January 2nd, 2023 
    • Entries must be picked up on Monday, January 2nd or Tuesday, January 3rd or they will be discarded.
    • Participants must live in the City of College Park or be representing an organization based in College Park, MD.
    • Winners will be announced on live at the Tree Lighting on Saturday, December 10th. 


    • Judging will take place between Dec. 5th and Dec. 10th. Please remember this is an amateur contest and that the Judges’ decisions are final.
    • Judges will choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
    • Each judge will use the rules above as their grading criteria. Extra points will be awarded for the variety of edible food used, incorporating a theme, and incorporating the platform into the theme.
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