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Tree Removal and Pruning Permit Application

  1. Measured at 4.5ft above ground level

  2. Location of Tree on Property

    Please include a diagram on a separate sheet, showing the approximate property layout and location of the house, street, driveway, and other structures as well as the existing tree to be removed or pruned and the proposed replacement tree planting site. 

  3. Is the Property Owner Occupied?*
  4. Requirements for Replacement Trees
    • must be a native species and a minimum size of 1.25" caliper (diameter measured 6" from ground level). 1.25" caliper equivalent to 3.9" circumference
    • for a list of recommended / acceptable tree species, please review the Tree Canopy Enhancement Program guidelines
  5. Removed Tree

    36" to 47" circumference

    Greater than 47" circumference

  6. Replacement Trees

     1  tree

    2 Trees

  7. Please note that failure to plant replacement tree(s) within 1 year of completion of tree removal shall be considered a Municipal Infraction and may incur a fine. 

    Proof of replacement tree planting within the 1-year period after the completion of the tree removal, shall be required to close the permit. A photo of the approved tree species of tree(s) purchased are required by the City. Please email proof of replacement tree planting to the City at or mail to Department of Public Works, 9127 51st Ave, College Park, MD, 20740. 

    If the applicant is unable to plant replacement tree(s), a contribution (fee-in-lieu) of $250.00 per required tree replacement may be made to the Urban Tree Protection Fund in the City of College Park to plant and maintain trees within the City. Tree replacement is the preferred course of action. 

  8. Signature of Property Owner / Authorized Agent

    The applicant certified and agrees: 

    1. they are authorized to make this application: 
    2. the information is correct;
    3. they will comply with all regulations of the City of College Park which are applicable hereto; 
    4. they will only perform work on the above property specifically described in this application;
    5. they grant City officials the right to enter on the property for the purpose of inspecting the work permitted and posting notices;
    6. if they choose to appeal the issuance, decision, and determination of this permit application the appeal shall be in writing and filed with the City Clerk within 15 business days of the permit denial. 
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