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Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program

  1. Participants must purchase through the city either a 12-gllon wheeled cart or a 5-gallon bucket with lid for curbside collection, no personal containers allowed! The counter-top kitchen pail is optional. 

    We will reach out to you when the containers are ready to pick up from Public Works.

    Make sure to finalize this form by checking off the agreement at the bottom, and adding your signature and date.

  2. Container Selection*

    You must select one to participate.

  3. Kitchen Pail


    • Curbside collection is a voluntary program and residents must opt-in
    • No fee for collection, but residents must contribute 50% of cost for collection container(s) – all material must be placed in a cost-share container purchased through the city. Resident’s price for 12-gallon cart is $13.00; 5-gallon bucket is $9.00; and kitchen caddy is $5.
    • Kitchen pail is optional
    • Food scraps must be in a compostable bag before placing in cart or bucket
    • Weekly collection service; day of collection is TBD
  4. Agreement*

    By checking this box, you agree that you have read all the above information and agree to only use a cart or bucket purchased through the city. Day of collection will be announced later. Participants can opt-out at any time by contacting the City's Department of Public Works. 

    We will reach out to you when the containers are ready to pick up from Public Works.

    1. Once you submit this application, you will be taken to the City's store to purchase the required and optional containers. You must purchase a required container in order to participate (unless you selected "City provided drop-off bucket"). 

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