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Premise/Vacation Check Request Form

  1. Type of property
  2. Relation
  3. Vehicles on Premise*
  4. Does anyone have keys? *
  5. Will anyone be working at or have access to the interior of the premise during your absence? *
  6. Will anyone be working at or have access to the exterior of the premise during your absence? *
  7. Do you have an alarm company? *
  8. Will you be leaving any lights or appliances on a timer? *
  9. Locations of timed lights and appliances
  10. By submitting this request I acknowledge that I am an owner or tenant or authorized party of the address provided above and have informed the Prince George’s County Police Department through City of College Park Contract Police Program of my intention to be away for the period entered. Further, I understand that this request will not substitute for security measures, which I have the responsibility to exercise. In the event that I return to the property prior to the return date, the appropriate parties will be notified. Officers will attempt to visit the premises daily for the duration of my absence unless circumstances arise to preclude such inspection.

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