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Party Registration Form

  1. Party/Gathering Registration Form

    Help comply with City noise and nuisance ordinances by registering your party with the City of College Park. You’ll receive a warning phone call from City Code Enforcement or police officers who are responding to complaints about a loud or unruly event at your property. You may avoid a citation and expensive fine if you shut down the party or noise before Police or Code Enforcement Officers arrive.

    Be sure to follow all local laws including the Unruly Social Gathering Ordinance

    Be a good neighbor! 

    • Let your neighbors know when you're planning on hosting a party or get-together.  
    • Don't have guests park on yards, in front of driveways, or in any way that blocks access or the road. 
    • Keep the noise down, follow all noise requirements (found here). 
    • Apply for a residential area special event parking permit here.  A minimum of 24 hour notice required.
  2. Disclaimer

    Registration is not an implied permit and does not excuse any Code—litter, noise, or  nuisance—violations.

  3. Please use a number easily reachable during the party

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