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Lost or Found Animal

  1. Lost or Found Animals

    If you have lost or found an animal in the City of College Park, please complete this form entirely. Only your pet's photo and relevant information will be shared on the City of College Park's Animal Control social media cites (Facebook / Twitter). We will only post animals lost or found in the City of College Park, Maryland. 

    Photos and contact information needed for recordkeeping purposes will be maintained by staff for 6 months. You may submit any questions or concerns to

    Please contact Prince George's Council Animal Services or Montgomery County Animal Services for areas outside of the City's boundaries. 

    Please remember:

    • Use a separate form for each animal you are reporting. 
    • Attach a clear, preferably full-body, photo of your lost or found animal. 
    • If you are posting a found pet and would like to keep certain marking secret in order to prove ownership, you may post a photo of only the pet's face. A photo of a lost pet is required. You may make a lost report without a photograph if you were unable to capture one. 

    Photos should not include any distractions such as people. children, furniture, or other pets. Please make sure the file is in image format (JPG)  and less than 2000kb. 

  2. I am reporting a pet that was*
  3. Pet's animal ID number, if known.

  4. Pet's Gender
  5. Pet was:*

    Check all that apply

  6. i.e: only responds to name "Fluffy"; "don't chase, will run"; "likes biscuit treats";  "is on special medication"; or even "will bite, use caution." 

  7. Privacy Notice

    By requesting a posting to any of the City of College Park’s social media sites or webpages regarding your missing pet, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing and are acknowledging that you are the owner. If you are not the owner, you acknowledge that you have permission/consent from the owner to submit this form. This would include photo, name, phone number and/or email address.  Please be advised that City of College Park Animal Control, not Facebook, is requesting this information in order to help facilitate the recovery of your missing pet by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website.

  8. Note

    Any advice or suggestion made by the City of College Park ANimal Control is not paid-for professional advice and should be taken at the owner's discretion. 

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