When did the tree ordinance go into effect?

July 1, 2022. 

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1. Why is the City requiring a tree permit to remove trees on my property?
2. Where can I find a copy of the ordinance?
3. When did the tree ordinance go into effect?
4. What actions require a tree permit?
5. How do I apply for a tree permit?
6. Is there an application fee to obtain a permit?
7. When should I expect to receive a response from the City?
8. What factors will be considered during the application approval process?
9. How long is an approved permit valid?
10. What if my application for a permit is denied?
11. If my application is again denied after the second assessment, can the denial be appealed?
12. If a tree is causing imminent danger, can I have the tree removed or pruned without first getting a permit?
13. Do I need to replace trees removed whose circumference is more than 36 inches?
14. Why are replacement trees necessary?
15. Why are two replacement trees necessary when removing trees larger than 48 inches circumference?
16. Is funding available for replacement trees in conjunction with an approved tree removal permit?
17. When will tree replacement reimbursement requests be processed?
18. How do I obtain a replacement tree?
19. What is a Heritage Tree?
20. Do I need a permit to remove a tree under 36 inches in circumference measured at 4 feet above ground level?
21. What happens if a tree more 36 inches in circumference is removed without a permit, or if more than 20% of the tree is pruned, or if an approved and permitted tree is removed but not replaced?
22. Who would be fined if there is a violation?
23. I still have questions--who should I contact?
24. I’m not planning on removing any trees, but am interested in helping increase the tree canopy. What tree planting programs does the City offer?