Urs and Anihi Weber Green Award Winner 06.10.21Urs Weber and Anahí Espíndola (nominated by Caroline Wick)

Urs and Anahí are residents of the Calvert Hills neighborhood in College Park. They are receiving a Green Award because they maintain a large vegetable, herb, and wild plant garden, and happily share their understanding and enthusiasm with neighbors and passersby. After moving into the house, Urs and Anahí changed their front lawn into a garden that produces vegetables year-round. Their home is adjacent to the trolley trail and they receive many inquiries about their gardening experiences. They have inspired many to begin growing plants and food, and planting natives. Recently, Urs convened a virtual meeting for College Park residents to discuss gardening and share the neighborhood’s experiences.

Rick Borshelt GreenAward 06.10.21

Rick Borchelt (nominated by Caroline Wick)

Rick is a resident of the Calvert Hills neighborhood in College Park. He is receiving a Green Award based on his efforts to keep his neighbors informed about and connected to the natural world. Most recently, Rick contributed to the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). Following the GBBC, Rick sent an email to the neighborhood listserv summarizing the results and providing insight about which types of birds were seen. Rick maintains a pollinator-friendly garden and he provides information about his garden to interested neighbors. In the Spring of 2020, Rick shared mint cuttings with interested neighbors. Rick also sends regular email updates to the neighborhood listserv educating neighbors about local wildlife and plants. Calvert Hills residents appreciate all that he does. 

Friends of Guilford Run

Friends of Guilford Run (nominated by Alexa Bely)

The student-led group Friends of Guilford Run is being awarded a Green Award for their environmental stewardship of Guilford Run, a stream running near the southern edge of the City. Guilford Run is a part of the Anacostia River watershed and ultimately flows into the Chesapeake Bay. Friends of Guilford Run is led by University of Maryland undergraduate students affiliated with Hope Lutheran Church. 

Started a few years ago by Dan LeKites and Laura Tiffany, the group is currently led by Sandra Roper and Jordan Kreh. Friends of Guilford Run have led regular cleanups of the Run, which receives a considerable input of trash from surrounding roads and development, and have also done native plantings along the banks of the stream. Through their leadership and outreach, the group has helped engage numerous people of diverse affiliations in these activities. The efforts of this group improve the beauty and environmental health of the stream, and positively impact local and downstream communities and wildlife.

Janis Oppelt 2021 wGreenAward

Janis Oppelt (nominated by Alan Hew)

Janis Oppelt is the ideal Green Resident we all strive to be.  She diligently recycles, composts, utilizes a rain barrel, and plants native plants and plantings that promote pollinators and wildlife.  Janis has participated in many community events such as cleanups, community gardening, storm drain marking, and College Park Day.  Janis served the City for many years as Chair of the Committee for a Better Environment where she led many workshops and showings of environmental films for our community.  Janis also currently serves on the local Sierra Club chapter promoting environmental issues.  

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