Catherine OberfieldCatherine Oberfield (nominated by Todd Larson)

Catherine resides in Berwyn and is a farmer by trade.  She runs a food scrap pickup service, Berwyn Compost. In addition, while she was a student at the University of Maryland, she assisted with the community garden located at the intersection of Fordham Rd and Rhode Island Ave, adjacent to the trolley trail in the Calvert Hills neighborhood of College Park.

Renee Domogauer 2022Renee Domogauer (nominated by Caroline Wick)

Renee is a long-time resident of the Calvert Hills neighborhood in College Park. For many years she has organized neighbors to plant and maintain flowers & perennials in the planters along the trolley trail in Calvert Hills. This year, she also helped coordinate planting perennials in the planters along the Old Town section of the trolley trail.

Renee has also worked persistently to reduce litter on the streets of Calvert Hills and Old Town. During the pandemic, she organized neighbors to be responsible for picking up litter along individual streets in the Calvert Hills neighborhood and collaborated with UMD students to pick up litter in the Old Town neighborhood. She also successfully advocated for more trash and recycling receptacles along the trolley trail. 

Most recently, Renee organized a refurbishing of the Little Free Library near the College Park daycare.  

Meg Oates

Meg Oates (nominated by Caroline Wick)

Meg was the driving force behind starting the Calvert Hills Green Team during the pandemic. Meg organized a trash pick-up in Calvert Park, a boat tour of the Anacostia River, and many other activities. Meg recently stepped down as co-chair, but her work laid the foundation for the Green Team's current work. Recently, the Green Team removed English Ivy from trees in Calvert Park and did a trash clean-up around Calvert Hills and Old Town.

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