Communications and Events Manager



Class Description

Job Title: Communications and Events Manager Reports To: Assistant City Manager

FLSA Status: Exempt

General Description:

The person in this position performs a variety of responsible professional and technical duties in support of the City Manager, staff, and the City Council. Work involves the coordination of all external communications for the City; the development and enhancement of communication methods which support open, friendly, and responsive government; overseeing media relations, including crisis communications; developing and maintaining social media outlets and the City's website; and the performance of special projects related to communicationAdditional duties include the supervision of the Event Planner and involvement in all City events, such as College Park Day, MLK Jr event, etc. Must exercise considerable independence and be well versed in methods to communicate reliable, consistentand timely information about the programs, procedures, responsibilities, and activities of the City and the City Manager's office.

Essential Functions:

Develops and implements a City-wide communication plan, in eluding programs and policies to support the approved plan.

Develops relationships with the news media, the University of Maryland, the College Park City University Partnership, as well as City Council and staff. Promotes an effective relationship between the City and the community.

Ensures that all public-facing information from the City is uniformly branded and designed.

Attends meetings and presentations as directed and prepares pre-event materials and post-event communications as necessary.

Works with City staff and Council to enhance the image and quality of City communications.

Produces and disseminates press releases, advisories and notices, stories, news articles, web articles, social media messages, FAQs, and other forms of communication pertaining to City programs and activities.



Acts as the media liaison and spokesperson for the City and responds to media inquiries. Acts as the central hub for media information both outgoing and incoming.

Coordinates any resident surveys conducted by the City.

Manages the dissemination of prompt, accurate, emergency public information during emergency situations to the media and via the City's social media, as directed. May be assigned to the Emergency Operations Center.

Creates and maintains the City's social media strategy and communications, including a Facebook page, twitter feeds, biogsetc.

Writes executive communications such as speech es, memos, op-eds, and other internal and constituent correspondence.

Writes and creates brochures,pamphlets, reportsnewslettersand other publicationssuch as the ResidentsDirectory, as required.

Manages and maintains City websites including the main City website and several subsitesProvides content, design, layoutetcfor all sites and assists with editing, format, and content of department pagesassuring uniformity, clarityand a coordinated image.

Evaluates effectiveness and utilization of communication vehicles and recommends changes as needed.

Creates and designs all City collateralstationery, business cardssignsbannersevent promotions, website and social media content, advertisingperiodicals, etc.

Photographs and records City eventsactivitiesconstruction, projects, etc. Contracts and hires photographers as neededShootsedits, writes, produces and creates videos, gifs and other media for City eventsinitiatives, activities or services. Contracts videographers as needed.

Assists with and encourages promotion of City services.

Manages the Event Planner and a part-time administrative assistant. Hires and manages contract staff as needed for City events.

Oversees and manages the City's cable channel and online media channels including YouTube.

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Other Key Functions:

Trains and coaches City staff in effective written and oral communication.

ResponsibilitiesRequirements and Impacts

Data Responsibility:

Data Responsibility refers to informationknowledge and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization and mental creationData are intangible and include numberswords, symbolsideas, concepts and oral verbalizations.

Gathers, organizes, analyzes, examines or evaluates data or information and may prescribe action based on these data or information.

People Responsibility:

People include co-workersworkers in other areas or agencies and the general public.

Supervises or leads others by determining work procedures, assigning duties, maintaining harmonious relations and promoting efficiencyAlso must persuade or influence others in favorof a service, point of view, or course of action;

Asset Responsibility:

Assets responsibility refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.

Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving moderate economies and/or preventing moderate losses through the management of small division, authorizing expenditures of large amounts of money or supervising the purchasing of high value materials, supplies and equipment.

Mathematical Requirements:

Mathematics requires the use of symbols, numbers and formulas to solve mathematical problems.

Uses addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and/or calculates ratios, rates and percents.

Communications Requirements:

Communication involves the ability to readwrite and speak.

Reads professional literature and technical manuals; speaks to groups of employees, residents, and other public and private groupswrites manuals, newsletters, brochures and complex reports.

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Must have the ability to speak and write clearly and concisely to a range of different audiences and for different purposes; the ability to deal effectively with all levels of City government, residents, staff, officials from State and local government, and community agencies; and the ability to research and prepare a wide variety of reports, communications, special projectscorrespondence, and other documents to include design, development, composition, content and style.

Judgement Requirements:

Judgement requirements refer to the frequency and complexity of judgments and decisions given the stability of the work environmentsthe nature and type of guidance, and the breadth of impact of the judgments and decisions.

Decision-making is a regular part of the job, affecting individuals, coworkers and others who depend on the service and the general public; works in a fluid environment with many variations from the routine.

Complexity of Work:

Complexity addresses the analysisinitiativeingenuity, concentration and creativity required by the job and the presence of any unusual pressures present in the job.

Performs coordinating work involving guidelines and rules, with constant problem solvingrequires continuous, close attention for accurate results and occasional exposure to unusual pressures.

Impact of Errors:

Impact of errors refers to consequences such as damage to equipment and propertyloss of data, exposure of the organization to legal liability and injury or death for individuals.

The impact of errors is moderately serious- couId impact co-workersother activities/organizations and the general public.

Physical Demands:

Physical demands refer to the requirements for physical exertion and coordination of limb and body movement.

Performs sedentary work that involves walking or standing some of the time and involves exerting up to 10 pounds of force on an occasional basis and sustained keyboard operationsMay need to work outside at City events in inclementweather infrequently.

Must be able to maintain regular attendance at required events.

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Equipment Usage:

Equipment usage involves responsibility for materials, machines, toolsequipmentwork aids and products.

Handles or uses work aids involving some latitude for judgement regarding attainment of a standard or in selecting appropriate itemsUses cameras and videography equipment as well as normal office equipment.

Unavoidable Hazards:

Unavoidable hazards refer to the Job conditions that may lead to injury or health hazards even though precautions have been taken.


Safety of Others:

Safety of others refers to the level of responsibility for the safety of otherseither inherent in the Job or to ensure the safety of the general public(Does not include safety of subordinates).

Requires responsibility and authority for the development of policies regarding continuous enforcement of the lawssafety and standards of public health.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

Requires a bachelor's degree in communications, graphic design, public relationsmarketing, English or other related field and a minimum of four years professional experience in a related position. Technical knowledge must include social media; website development, organization and utilization; print media; and other communication avenues. Must also have considerable knowledge of the practice and function of the City government and relationships between departments and other state and local agencies; and considerable knowledge of event management and logistics. In lieu of a degree, we will consider any equivalent combination of training and experience which provide the required knowledge, skillsand abilities.

Must have reliable transportation to a variety of meetings and events and be able to work some evenings and weekends.

Special Certifications and Licenses:


American with Disabilities Act Compliance

The City of College ParkMD is an Equal Opportunity EmployerADA requires the City to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities.

Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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