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2014 College Park Resident Survey

2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

Thanks to the nearly 800 residents who completed the 2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey!  We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on city services, the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and improvements for the City. 

You can view the overall results and the survey report which identifies how some responses varied by age group, neighborhood, and student status.   Additionally, we have provided the written responses to the questions on what residents like and dislike most about their neighborhood, and Wordles of other written responses. 

The 2014 survey contained 43 questions and 10 opportunities for the respondent to write in responses.  Most of the questions were the same or similar to questions asked in the 2012 survey.  In 2014 a total of 772 residents completed the survey (five in Spanish), compared to 324 responses in 2012.  This was the highest number of responses of any year with the exception of 2002 (944 responses).  

Please see the following 2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey documents:

2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey Report
This is a staff report summarizing the results and providing some analysis of the results broken down by neighborhood, age group, and student status.

2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey Summary Data (Survey Monkey document)
This document provides a chart with a weighted average between 1 and 5 for most questions.  1 equals Excellent; 2 equals Good; 3 equals Neutral; 4 equals Fair; and 5 equals Poor.  A table with the number of responses for each category (excellent, good, neutral, fair, poor, and don’t know), the percentage, and the weighted average is also provided.  

Ideally, the responses would be between 1 and 2 (excellent and good).   This can be slightly confusing because higher numbers (i.e., 3 and 4) indicate lower levels of satisfaction.  The “don’t know” responses are not included in the weighted averages. 

2014 Resident Satisfaction Survey Questions
These are the actual questions from the survey.

Written Response Summaries
For summaries of the written responses to the questions, “What do you like best about your neighborhood?” and “What do you like least about your neighborhood?” please see the following documents (the responses are broken down by individual neighborhoods within each district): 

District 1 Best about your neighborhood
District 1 Least about your neighborhood 

District 2 Best about your neighborhood
District 2 Least about your neighborhood

District 3 Best about your neighborhood
District 3 Least about your neighborhood 

District 4 Best about your neighborhood
District 4 Least about your neighborhood

To see Wordles (“word clouds” that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the written responses) of each question requiring a written response, click on the files below:

Best about College Park
Least about College Park
Businesses you leave College Park to patronize
How to improve City services
How to improve public safety
Desired recreational activities
Desired sustainability programs
Where you receive information about College Park