City of College Park, Maryland

Buy Green Power

Buy Green Power

Support the City’s Energy Efficiency Efforts.


Switch your household or business to green power today!

Press Release – College Park Achieves Electricity Carbon Neutrality 


 Why Use Green Power?

The answer is simple.  It’s the Smart Choice! Green power:

  • Is easy to obtain.
  • Saves you money on your utility bills.
  • Provides a competitive advantage to participating businesses.
  • Creates positive health benefits by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.


The City of College Park, as well as the University of Maryland, local households, and businesses are already using green power. Join us!

Local Green Power Purchasers include:

  • College Park Bicycles, Inc.*
  • Gailes Violin Shop
  • Pongos
  • My Organic Market*
  • REI
  • University of Maryland – College Park*
  • Wood’s Flowers and Gifts*

* also EPA Green Power Partners

Local Maryland Green Registry Participants: 
The City of College Park, and the following local businesses and organizations, are members of the Maryland Green Registry.  The Registry is a list of organizations working towards a sustainable Maryland.

  • University of Maryland – University College
  • University of Maryland – College Park
  • Marriott Inn and Conference Center


Step 1:  Select an offer from a green power provider.  Some providers are listed below.

Step 2:  Become an EPA Green Power Partner to ensure your purchase counts towards College Park’s goal. (Non-residential customers only.)        

Step 3:  Share with others that you’ve made a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and participating in the City’s sustainability efforts.  If you are a business, consider sharing your news through the media and posting information in your shop.

Residential Customer Options:

Non-Residential Customer Options


Help College Park Become a Green Power Community (GPC)!

Help College Park gain and maintain eligibility for the Green Power Community Program with our collaboration with the University of Maryland.  In order to ensure that College Park can obtain and maintain the GPC designation after the first year, the University and the City actively encourage resident and business participation in green power purchases.  Maintaining the GPC designation after the first year requires our community to continue to meet and exceed the GPC’s renewable energy purchase requirements each year.

We All Benefit: Every resident, business, and institution choosing green power helps to clean our air, supports renewable energy, and creates jobs in the new clean energy economy.  Make the switch to clean energy by selecting a green power provider today!  Non-residential customers are also encouraged to sign-up with the EPA Green Power Partnership to help us meet our goal.

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