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Hollywood Gateway Park

Project Description: 

This project involves land acquisition, design and construction to create a park area at the southeast corner of Baltimore Avenue and Edgewood Road.  The main part of the site is zoned commercial but is recommended for parks and open space in the Central US1 Corridor Sector Plan.  The house previously occupying the site has been demolished.  Design plans call for a pavilion that will serve as a gateway feature, pathways, extensive landscaping with native plants and micro bio-retention features.

Lead Department for Implementation: 
Planning, Community and Economic Development

Estimated Start Date: 2009   Estimated Completion Date: 2018 

Project Status:

As of July 2017, final design plans and specifications are being prepared for bidding.

 Anticipated Total Project Cost:  $1,344,088
 Acquisition:  $457,000
 Design:  $191,895 
 Construction:  $621,149 
 Other  $  74,024 

Project Financial Information:
Source Funds by Year   FY17 & Prior FY18  FY19 & 
Capital Project Reserves  177,052
Program Open Space  933,000     196,800 
Community Legacy   100,000
General Fund  0 50,000 

Project Plans, Images or Other Information

Design competition drawings
Site Analysis
Design Options
Final Design Plans
Pavilion Redesign Studies

City Council Discussion and Action

Approval of acquisition of 4703 Edgewood Road             August 2009
Award of contract to Floura Teeter/WBCM                       September 2012
Review of design options                                                  May 2013
Review of final design plans                                             January 2014
Reconsideration of project design options                        May 2016
Approval of contract of sale for additional property          September 2016
Approval of pavilion redesign                                            March 2017
Approval of change order for contract administration       June 2017
Discussion of cost reduction measures                            July 2017