City of College Park, Maryland



Public transit is a great way to get to College Park.
Three bus services run through College Park: MetroBus, TheBus and ShuttleUM. Over 95% of the City is within 1/2 mile of a bus stop. That is less than a 10 minute walk for the average person. Bus routes run primarily along Route 1, Rhode Island Avenue, and Paint Branch Parkway. All three bus services have routes that serve the College Park and Greenbelt MetroRail stations on the Green line.

SmartTrip cards are reloadable farecards that allow you to use MetroBus, MetroRail and TheBus (Route1Ride). SmartTrip cards can be purchased from any MetroRail station. SmartTrip

Operated By
Wash. Metro. Area Transit Authority
Varies. SmartTrip card recommended.
Prince Georges County
$1.25 (or free, see below). SmartTrip accepted.
University of Maryland
Free to students & residents with pass

College Park residents can ride ShuttleUM for free.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of College Park and the UMD Department of Transportation Services, complimentary Shuttle-UM bus passes are available to City residents. Passes may be obtained from City Hall, Davis Hall and Youth and Family Services. Residents must live in the incorporated area of College Park, complete a Shuttle-UM Bus Pass application, and show a photo ID and proof of College Park residency.
City Hall
4500 Knox Road
M-F 8:00am-7:00pm & Sat 1:00pm-5:00pm
Davis Hall (Public Works)
9219 51st Ave
M-F 7:30am - 3:30pm
Youth & Family Services
4912 Nantucket
M-F 9:30am-6:00pm

ShuttleUM routes primarily serve the University of Maryland campus. However, there are several weekday ShuttleUM commuter routes that go as far as north as Sandy Spring, as far west as Shady Grove and Silver Spring, and as far east as Greenbelt and New Carrollton. For information on Shuttle-UM routes and schedules, call 301-314-2255 or go to or view the route map.

Route1Ride gives you convenient weekday access to shopping and dining along Route 1.

Route1Ride (TheBus route 17) travels along Route 1 from the DC line to IKEA in College Park with a stop at the College Park MetroRail station. The fare is only $1.25 (or free for children under 5, senior citizens or handicapped. It is also free for elementary, high school and UMD students, faculty and staff with ID). Use an online map to find a Route1Ride stop near you and see when the next bus will arrive. (Available Monday-Friday only.)

 Plan your MetroBus or MetroRail route online. 
Simply enter your departure address and destination and Metro will calculate a route for you. (Note: only enter the street address or intersection. Do not include a city, state or zipcode. Use "&" when you want to enter an intersection. Examples: "9219 51st' or "Calvert & Princeton") You can use the "Restrict To" option to only search for locations in Prince George's County, if you want. You can choose to find a route using "bus only" or "rail only." You can also enter the maximum distance you would like to walk. Use Metro's interactive trip planner.

Major MetroBus Routes Through College Park (Click for Timetable)
Beltway Plaza, Greenbelt, Langley Park, Wheaton, Twinbrook
White Flint, Glenmont, Colesville, White Oak, Hillandale, Adelphi
Greenbelt, Prince Georges Plaza, Beltway Plaza, Archives II
Calverton, Cherry Hill, Greenbelt, Riverdale Park, Hyattsville, Mt. Ranier
Calverton, Cherry Hill, Greenbelt, Riverdale Park, Hyattsville, Mt. Ranier

Metro has a tool to help you find 
what bus stops are near your location and what routes they serve.
Simply enter the street address or intersection and click the "Find Service" button. Note: do not type commas and do not enter the city name. Examples of two correct searches are: "4500 Knox" or "Baltimore & Calvert". If your desired stop is on Route 1, you should enter it as "Baltimore" (leave off the "Avenue"). Results will be sorted by distance.  You should click the distance (for example: "0.31 miles away") to see a popup map of the bus stop with walking directions to your location. Zoom in on the map (using the "+" button) to see other nearby bus stops. Enter your location in the box below to get started:

 Click here to use the metrobus service finder

You can also view the Entire map of MetroBus routes in Maryland