City of College Park, Maryland

Public Works

Trash & Recycling Carts

Green trash carts and blue recycling carts are provided at no charge to all College Park residents that participate in the City refuse/recycling collection program. Residents have the choice of 95-gallon, 65-gallon or 35-gallon carts. Residents who would like to upgrade to a larger cart, or downgrade to a smaller cart, should contact Public Works at 240-487-3590 or

Cart Replacement & Repair

Replacement carts will be provided by the City at no cost if the need for replacement was not caused by owner abuse. Carts that are destroyed or become unusable as a result of the acts or negligence by the user shall be required to be replaced, and the user shall pay the replacement cost of the cart.

Damaged or broken lids will be replaced. Please contact Public Works at 240-487-3590 or

Dirty carts will not be replaced - it is the resident's responsibility to keep carts clean!