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Public Works

Public Works

Public Works
Davis Hall
9217 51st Avenue
College Park, Maryland 20740
Telephone: 240-487-3590
Fax: 301-474-0825
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., except City holidays

Events & Announcements

2nd Round of Changes to Refuse/Recycling/Yard Trim Collection Routes

In June of this year, the Public Works Department made changes to some of the refuse/recycling/yard trim routes. After nearly 2 months using the new route system, we realized that we bit off more than we could chew. Effective 8/17/15, we will be reverting the majority of the affected homes back to Wednesday collection. The only area not being changed back is Autoville South.

Public Works has gone door-to-door and left a doorhanger on those homes and business affected by the reversal of the daily collection routes. Only 490 homes/businesses will be affected by this change.

Please click here to view the revised Daily Collection Map to see if your collection day is changing back to Wednesday. If you’re still unsure whether your collection day has changed back, or have any other questions, please call or email Public Works with your address: 240-487-3590;

Plastic Bags No Longer Being Accepted in Blue Recycling Cart

Effectively immediately, Public Works is asking all residents to refrain from putting plastic bags in the blue recycling cart. This includes loose plastic bags or plastic film, a plastic bag containing other plastic bags/film, or a plastic garbage bag used to contain other recyclables. Shredded paper should now be contained in a paper bag. It can be secured by folding the top and stapling or taping it closed. Residents should place approved recyclables loose in the blue cart.

Plastic bags/film can still be recycled by taking them to a local grocery store. MOMs Organic Market, Shoppers, and Giant all have receptacles at the front of the store for these items. Plastic bags/film include: retail bags, plastic wrapping on food, plastic sandwich bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, shrink wrap (e.g. around toilet paper and bottled water). For more information on what kind of plastic bags and film should be recycled at the grocery store, visit:

Prince George’s County has announced they will no longer accept plastic bags in any form at the Materials Recovery Facility where the City’s single-stream recycling is taken. These bags jam the sorting machines, which causes the entire facility to shut down and also increases maintenance costs. Residents can ensure their clean, dry plastic bags and film are recycled by taking them to their local grocery store.

Compost & Wood Mulch

The following is a list of materials sold for pickup at the Public Works yard:

  • SMARTLEAF® compost: Available
  • Wood Mulch: Unavailable

We don't anticipate having more wood mulch until the first few months of 2016.

If you would like to receive availability notifications about our compost and wood mulch products, please sign up with College Park Connected. Choose "SMARTLEAF compost and wood mulch" right above the Sign Up button.

Please visit the SMARTLEAF® Compost & Wood Mulch page for more information.


Contact Information

Robert T. Stumpff, Director of Public Works
Brenda Alexander, Deputy Dir. of Public Works
Steven E. Halpern, City Engineer
William Fleming, Public Works Supervisor
Loree O'Hagan, Recycling Coordinator