City of College Park, Maryland

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Micro Grants



Community Events Grant Program Continues

The Council first provided funds to help sponsor small community based events in the FY15 budget. These “Micro-Grants” were funded in the FY15 budget in the total amount of $5,000.0 and shown in the FY15 Public Services Administration funds, line item 2010-25-23 Community Events Micro Grants. Five grants were awarded in FY15 for a grand total of $1,550.00.

The program has been extended in the FY16 budget under the same line item.

To provide an orderly application and approval process, the policy, application and follow up report can all be found on the City’s website.  All documents are to be submitted electronically. Grants for the first operating year will be limited to $500 to allow for a total of 10 micro-grants in FY16.

Existing policy and approval process for street closings will apply for any events where street closing related to an event is requested.