City of College Park, Maryland

Public Services

Animal Shelter

Holding Period
Any animal impounded because it has been found at large or for any other reason authorized by the City code shall be impounded at the City Animal Control Shelter in a humane manner for a period of not less than three weekdays, unless sooner claimed and redeemed by its owner.

Illegal animals, feral animals, exotic animals, dangerous animals and vicious animals may immediately be euthanized, if the public health, safety or welfare so requires, or taken to the County Animal Shelter, without being retained by the City Animal Control Shelter for any period.

Hours of Operation
The City Animal Control Shelter is not open to the public and therefore any visitation to the facility is by appointment only.  Appointments can be facilitated by the Animal Control Officer who can be reached via telephone, 240-375-3165 or email,

Fees Associated with Redemption
Redemption fees for each animal impounded shall be as set forth in Chapter 110, Fees and Penalties, and a current boarding rate as determined by the City Manager at cost plus overhead for each calendar day the animal has been in the care of the City Animal Control Shelter. Boarding charges begin the morning after impoundment. Payment must be EXACT cash or check made out to City of College Park.

Each impoundment                                    $25 per animal
Second or subsequent impoundments       $50 per animal
Boarding fee per calendar day                   $10

These fees shall be in addition to any fees or fines stemming from any violation of the City Code and may be reduced or modified at the discretion of the Animal Control Officer.

Required Identification for Redemption
In order for an owner or caregiver to redeem an animal from impoundment, the following must be provided:

  • Proper identification (state issued ID or passport)
  • Proof of ownership (copies of vet records, photos of pet)
Animal Intake and Dispostion Summary
Standards of Care
Standards of Care for College Park Animal Shelter (draft)