City of College Park, Maryland


Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee

Number of Members:  24 + Mayor and City Council
Term Length:  2 years
Compensation:  None

Meetings:  Four times per year and one public forum per year
Staff Liaison:  City Manager's Office

Established by Resolution 13-R-20 adopted September 24, 2013 to replace the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Workgroup. Amended October 8, 2013 (13-R-20.Amended) and February 11, 2014 (14-R-03). Amended July 2014 to change the name of the Committee to the Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee. This committee will support implementation of approved strategies, continue to develop new strategies, and evaluate progress that is made.


Council Resolution - Neighborhood Stabilization 14-R-03

NQOL Strategies List - May 5, 2015

NSQLWG Final Report - August 7, 2013

Latest Minutes