City of College Park, Maryland

Engineering Division


Instructions for Right-of-Way Permit Application

How to apply for a driveway variance?

A driveway variance must be received for any new driveway that deviates from standards.

If you would like to apply for a driveway variance, send a letter to City Engineer Steve Halpern (4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740), explaining the reasons why you are requesting to deviate from the driveway standards. Please date your request, include contact information, and make sure you sign the letter. The process varies on a case-by-case basis, but someone from the City staff will contact you upon receiving your letter to explain the next steps.

Once you have received an approved variance, you must then apply for a driveway apron by completing a Right-of-Way Permit Application.

How to apply for a curb cut or a driveway apron?

You must apply for a Right-of-Way Permit any time you need to cut the curb or add a driveway apron to a new or existing house. All approved driveway variances must also submit a Right-of-Way Permit application.

To apply for a Right-of-Way permit application, you must receive 3 permits: a Prince George’s County building permit, a City of College Park building permit, and a City of College Park Right-of-Way permit. Directions are listed below. Please note that a driveway in front of the house requires additional steps. Please call Engineering at 240-487-3597 for more information.

1. Go to Prince George’s County to apply for a building permit. You can reach the permit department by calling 301-883-5776.
2. Once you have received the Prince George’s County building permit, you can apply for a City building permit at the Public Services Department, which is located at 4601-A Calvert Road. For any questions, call 240-487-3570.
3. Apply for a City Right-of-Way Permit. You can download the form here.
4. The City will perform an internal review of your application.
5. If appropriate, a right-of-way permit will be issued.
6. If appropriate, the City will issue a building permit. Receipt of a building permit gives you permission to build.
7. The City will inspect your project as necessary and before final occupancy